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LESS Stress & Anxiety
MORE Clarity & Peace

Online workshops that calm and provide clarity at any chapter of life.
Beginning soon!

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Find calm through journaling

The Create Joy
Mixed Media Journal Workshop

Includes 25 mixed media projects
Exercises to calm, refresh & focus

Self-paced online & optional supply kit

Define your goals & purpose

Field Guide to Your Happiest Life

Define your vision and 
actions steps to make it happen

Will be offered online with the option of ordering a print copy of the workbook

Create a daily focus

Mantra/ Intention

Mixed Media Canvas

Painting Workshop

Workshop online walks you through creating a mantra to stay focused daily.

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Free Monthly Inspiration

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The"Live Each Day on Purpose" daily planner page download will be sent your way free.

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Meaningful workshops for individuals 13-113 in any chapter of life, business groups, spas, yoga studios, salons, medical professionals, therapists, healers, retreats, church groups, friend groups and more

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Mother of 4

I look forward each month to the Healing Heartwork journaling lesson, it allows  me time just for relaxing into inspiring thoughts and supports me each month in purposefully creating time to recharge my energy. I love that gratitude is a piece of the lesson each month.

Healing Heartwork Journaling Online Workshop/Subscription

Restaurant Owner
Destination Manager for Explorer Chick Adventure Co.

...because I have been ‘ping-ponging’ A LOT about what my purpose is in this crazy life and where I want my focus to be.) It felt so good to get some things down on paper and then lay out some reminders on this board.

Field Guide to a Happy Life Vision Board

In-Person Workshop

Admin Assistant

This escape with you felt like two hours of therapy, I didn't even know I needed. I feel a peace I haven't felt in years. 

Soul Landscape 

In-Person Workshop



I'm Kim,  and like many of you I caught myself in the hamster wheel of life, going around and around, with the same daily cycle of stress and anxiety.


Healing Heartwork is about slowing down to live each new day with intention and gratitude. My focus is now on supporting you in your own self-care.


Thank you  for visiting and for being a part of this amazing community of support. It is a gift to yourself and to me to have you here. I hope I can help you find clarity and peace at any chapter of life.

Contact me:

From The Blog


Hey everyone—our dearest and sweetest friend Kim MacPhee Critz has officially announced her new journey in bringing creative experiences to us all to help us cultivate a sense of calm and a sense of purpose as it relates to your mind & body & spirit. 

We knew very quickly that we wanted to work with Kim and have her host regular workshops with us because she is articulate and driven. 

But more importantly, she is compassionate and nurturing. People know Kim by her aura. She lights up a room. She laughs with you. She cries with you. We are honestly so honored that we will have the opportunity to host Kim as she steps into this purpose driven change, fully equipped with a heart of gold & an authentic soul & a readiness to lift others up. 

I can’t say this enough, but we were awed by her vision and we can’t wait to watch her change lives. 



Kalamazoo Backyard Yogis

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