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Providing value at any chapter of life, ages 13-113, this carefully crafted library of workshops is focused on supporting you in self-care. Defining what makes you happy and living with LESS stress and anxiety, while feeling MORE clarity and peace.

Workshops create habits for:

  • Making time for self-care

  • Clearly defining your vision

  • Setting targets & taking action

  • Scheduling time for reflection

Workshops will be available online for you to complete at your own pace. 

Email with any questions 

Workshops will be available starting soon! Join the email list to be the first to know when they launch, I am heavy in the creation stages of video making, downloadable design and making each workshop experience unique, enjoyable, insightful and of the highest quality.

This was more than a workshop; this was eye opening and everything I needed. Amazing."

- Tory

Flower Shop Owner (

Artist, Mother of 3

Field Guide to a Happy Life- Vision Board Workshop Participant

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Make self-care a habit

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Define your vision

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Set targets and take action

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Schedule time for reflection

Workshop Offerings

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