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The Light of Healing

Be a lamp or a life boat or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. -Rumi

Life Lesson: The light of a stranger

A woman walked in to my shop one afternoon looking for directions, she looked emotionally drained. I walked around the counter and said, "how are you?" She said, "tired, I lost my husband very suddenly and this is my first time leaving the house since his passing." She told me the story of his passing, it was very traumatic. I felt grateful that she trusted me to share so much.

She said it was easy to let herself get in dark places emotionally and mentally so now, when she starts to feel like that, she immediately does something good for someone else. She said she sends a note in the mail or tells someone how much she loves them. On this day she was buying a small gift, for someone she barely knew, that was going through a difficult time. She said it made her heart feel joy and helped pull her out of the ugliness of grief.

Finding Your Joy

It is important to allow yourself to feel disappointment, to grieve loss and experience sadness fully. Then there is a time to use that to bring good into the world. It does not have to be so big It creates anxiousness. It does not have to be about spending money. It can be little acts of kindness such as volunteering or simply becoming a better listener. Below I share a small list of ways you can fill your heart with sparks of happiness while bringing light to others. I promise you it will bring you joy.

💓Healing HeArtwork: Light = Light

☀️ Draw or paint a small card with an inspiring message (the art does not have to be perfect) hand them out at random or to specific people, my most cherished and meaningful messages have been written on handmade cards-

--->My friend Kathy paints very small watercolor paintings that she keeps in her purse and hands them out wherever she goes, the doctors office, the grocery store, etc.

--->My friend Heather finds card making a great escape into creating- she mailed me the most beautiful card about courage.

☀️ Make a phone call to someone you haven't talked to in a long time, if they don't answer leave a message letting them know how grateful you are for them

☀️ Send a text of gratitude to someone out of the blue

☀️ Meet someone for coffee, lunch, or a self- care treat

☀️ Offer to help with a friends garden

☀️ Go for a walk with someone needing to talk

☀️ Help paint a room or fix something for someone in need

☀️ Make a meal for someone

☀️ Drop off sweet treats handmade or from a local bakery

☀️ Drop off flowers with a meaningful note- Flowers always bring joy, support a local small flower shop

☀️ Look for ways that you could volunteer in your community: food banks, meal kitchens, shelters, the Humane Society, assisted living centers, hospitals, schools

It is true. Giving brings light. If you have a story about how giving brought you joy please feel free to share it in the comments below to inspire others.

With love,


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