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Meaningful Memories, Holding Today

Pictured: my grandma Ruth & my dad on the beach -along with my new daily calendar marker made out of her jewelry.

My Grandma Ruth passed away too young when I was 21 and in college. When we were little my sister and I loved getting all dressed up in her clothes and jewelry then putting on Linda Ronstadt concerts.

For the last 21 years I have had these boxes sitting in my closet and every week I think what a shame that all of these beautiful, authentic memories sit on a shelf hidden. My environment is so important to me, my space impacts everything I do, making my space meaningful is a top priority and always has been. I will do future posts on my work space but in this case it is down to a tiny detail- what holds my page today.

Below are directions to take your old meaningful objects and make them your place holder for today. My daily reminder that life is short, live it fully to the best of my ability in this very minute, as far as I know I get one shot at this- I am going to give it all I’ve got!

Directions for Meaningful Page Markers:

1 Tube of E9000 Glue- This glue is awesome- even dishwasher safe and holds everything! But let it dry for a full 24 hours!- I ordered this version with the tips included- you will definitely need the glue tips to control the glue placement

1 Package of “Bookmark” Jumbo Paperclips

1 Wire small wire cutter: I also needed some sharp jewelry making wire cutters to cut the backs off of the earrings.

These would make beautiful small celebratory new job, graduation gift or birthday gift especially with the memories attached-

Work on a flat surface. I put them on a magazine on my kitchen table, be careful this is VERY strong glue it will stick to anything and everything. I cut the backs off of the earrings and broaches and carefully glued each onto the top of the disk- for some that were larger I held in place for a minute so it didn’t slide and kept it’s placement on the disk at the top- DO NOT MOVE THEM for a full 24 hours.

Please share with friends using the social share buttons below and please share with me your additional ideas or uses for these memorable page holders!

Embrace Today!


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