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Juice for a Happy Body & Soul

Do you need more energy? Are you feeling lethargic with aches and pains?

In 2019 I was feeling really worn down physically. I started reading about how inflammation in your body can cause so many problems including fatigue. I had been eating horribly- grabbing quick things on the go- and it was catching up to me. Something had to change.

I started following Kris Carr, a super healthy inspiration. I took a challenge and learned how making my own juice from fresh fruits and vegetables would increase my energy and help me feel better. I did a TON of research on juicers and purchased the book Crazy Sexy Juice, by Kris Carr.

Here are some things I learned and common questions:

1. Can I just use my blender… ? Well- yes and no- A juicer separates the fiber from the rest of the fruit or vegetables. This leaves only the juice for you to drink. ... A blender processes the whole fruit or vegetable, including the fiber. This makes a thicker drink (usually called a smoothie) which takes longer to digest. 2. What type of juicer should I purchase? There are four different major types of juicers:

  1. masticating juicer

  2. centrifugal force juicer

  3. twin gear juicer

  4. juice press

You can google any of the terms above- but to cut to the chase- I decided the masticating juicer was what I wanted after reading hundreds of Amazon reviews. I did not want any pulp in my juice and the masticating juicer does this- it extracts only the juice from the fruits and vegetables and leaves a very smooth just juice texture and clean refreshing flavor with all of the nutrients! Here is a link to the juicer I ordered and love- it is all dishwasher safe- and easy to take a part and put back together- in the coming week I will share a video of me making juice with it. 3. What do you juice? My favorite recipe is a version of Kris Carr’s "Green Goddess Juice" found In her book Crazy Sexy Juice : 1- Apple- cored - no peeling necessary 1- Pear- cored- no peeling necessary 1- 1 inch chunk of fresh ginger root- peeled 1- Stalk of celery 1- Lemon- peeled- I find the lemon rind is tough for the juicer so I do peel this one, and I remove easy to see seeds 1- Cucumber Sometimes I add fresh spinach leaves or kale. It is very important to cut all into shapes that fit through the juicer and wash and dry all of your fruit and vegetables before putting them through the juicer. 4. Is it expensive? To save money I usually buy all of the ingredients in bulk at Sams or Costco except for the ginger root- I just purchase that at a regular market or grocery store. I am also a huge fan of local farmers markets, in season this would be a perfect place to prep for your fresh juice making! 5. Is it irritating to your stomach? I would never in a million years eat all of this goodness in a day- so my body is so happy, and it is no exaggeration when I say- I feel my body smile when I drink it. I have a very sensitive stomach and have no issues with drinking one cup in the morning and one cup later in the day. I have trouble drinking a straight glass of orange juice, it is too acidic for my stomach, but one cup of this juice does not effect me in a negative way. 6. How much juice does it make? The recipe above makes approximately two cups, I usually drink one cup over ice in the morning before coffee and one cup over ice in the afternoon or early evening. It just gives me some pep in my step. The benefits are endless and Kris outlines all of them and more really cool facts in her book that is my go to for healthy living.

7. Can you prep juice ahead of time? You can make juice ahead of time- it stays good for about 24 hours in your refrigerator or 3 months in your freezer- you would pull it out the night before and let it thaw over night in your refrigerator. I always make it fresh and drink it same day.



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