Water for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Do you know how much dehydration impacts your life?

I realized after a friend challenged me to drink more water, HOW MUCH lack of drinking water was impacting my life. It was directly contributing to anxiety, stress, and lack of energy, along with not sleeping well at night. It was an eye opener!

One of my goals is to challenge myself to block time each day for things I enjoy- and also to slooooow down to enjoy good food and drink that makes my soul happy.

I know water is SO good for my body but I just don’t love plain water- a couple of years ago I purchased a few glass pitchers with lids at TJ Maxx and I try each day to make a batch of infused ice cold water that I sip on all day- My favorite is lemon, cucumber, and a couple of sprigs of rosemary.

Make your water more fun with a slice of lemon, lime, fresh ginger and a sprig of mint. There are so many incredible combinations have fun trying them out- including orange slices, apple slices, raspberries, and more! Check out my Pinterest page for links to other fun combinations: https://www.pinterest.com/wrappedingratitude/mind-body-spirit-water-combinations/


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