A New Chapter

Hello, this is Kim, the owner of Wrapped in Gratitude,

I know it has been a few months since I have communicated with the Wrapped in Gratitude family, I took a little time to wrap up a lot of loose ends, catch my breath a minute and to dig into a new chapter of my work over the last few months.

At the end of March I moved out of the Wrapped in Gratitude space in downtown Vicksburg. It was a bittersweet feeling. I have spent three almost four years growing and fighting for Wrapped in Gratitude, with huge hurdles, I some how made it through my dad's diagnosis with terminal brain cancer, being shut down by Covid and then all streets and sidewalks being removed in front of the shop for a needed infrastructure project within our community, just to name a few. (our village is now more beautiful for this work)

Along with turning 50 this year, I had some life changing events happen in my life over the past 3 years, a lot of loss, and processing what this new chapter of life should look like for me.

I will be changing the name of the Wrapped in Gratitude Facebook page to Healing Heartwork and you can also find me on instagram @Healing.Heartwork my new website is live with information and will be updated with a small online store and workshops soon.

As mentioned in March, if you are still holding a Wrapped in Gratitude gift card you will be able to use them towards a workshop or product on the HealingHeartwork.com website when the shopping side is live.

I have found a lot of clarity in what my last 30 years of teaching, learning, and living life have to offer and it is more focused on workshops and supporting others in lowering anxiety and stress- while focusing on peace and clarity in your mission in all chapters of life. As some of you have followed, very soon I will be launching online workshops that focus on just those things.

I am currently working on recording tutorial videos, making templates and assembling one of a kind beautiful kits that can be mailed to you.

Through processing deep grief and change in my own life I found ways to calm my anxious soul, and define clarity in my purpose. I would love to share these processes with you. As I mentioned I will be offering the workshops initially online- so you can live anywhere in the United States and experience these unique calming and focusing workshops.

If you are interested in seeing how this unfolds and possibly participating, I would love to have you stay by my side on this journey.

Updates coming soon...

With Love,



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