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Prepare Your Space

1. Choose a good location to enjoy your YOU time.

A location where you can have quiet, uninterrupted time would ideal.

It is also important to me that my chair is comfortable, that there is good lighting- natural light is wonderful. A place where you can close a door and possible open a window. (in more ways than one)

I tell my husband I am escaping for a little while- it usually is welcome as it gives him space too. Depending on the day I might work at my kitchen table, if it feels too distracting, I work in my office. 

If it would help you to be accountable for blocking time, invite a friend or friends once a week to gather and do the Create Joy workshop together, it is free for all to sign up! 

2. Tools Prepared

I have all of my tools/materials for this weeks project in one tote- to access them quickly and easily. If it takes too much work I am risking that I won’t do it. So I keep them ready and easy to use. 

3. What would make your time and your space comforting to you?

  • I have my favorite drink cup – I either have coffee, hot tea, ice tea or ice water with lemon at my desk.

  • I love an unscented candle – see next bullet point…

  • I also love my Himalayan salt rock diffuser- with whatever essential oil I am in the mood for as I work- I am a bit sensitive to scent- so I enjoy how lightly it evaporates into the air, the light from the rock lamp is very comforting too.

  • Here is a link to the Himalayan Salt Rock Diffuser that I use and some of my favorite essential oil blends: (A sample of my absolute favorite essential oil blend “Gratitude” is included if you ordered the tool kit)

  • There is joy in having a real live plant or fresh cut flowers around you. Low maintenance plants would love to share your space, they add life and energy that is inspiring.

  • Music- I share some of my favorite playlists each week on Spotify – there are many days I escape easier listening to instrumental music- with no words and other times I feel energized if the right words are playing, I recommend making a playlist with your favorites. 

  • Each week will also include some of the most inspiring podcasts- If you can work and listen to spoken word inspiration, these are powerful. If you can't work while listening to them, I recommend listening while you drive or do chores. They are game changers in thinking.

Work Space Inspiration Gallery

Getting Started


 1. About Limits & Obstacles


2. Prepare Your Space


3. Prep Materials


Questions or Comments?

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