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Prepare Your Materials

1. Choose a good location to enjoy your YOU time.

A location where you can have quiet, uninterrupted time would ideal.

It is also important to me that my chair is comfortable, that there is good lighting- natural light is wonderful. A place where you can close a door and possible open a window. (in more ways than one)

I tell my husband I am escaping for a little while- it usually is welcome as it gives him space too. Depending on the day I might work at my kitchen table, if it feels too distracting, I work in my office. 

If it would help you to be accountable for blocking time, invite a friend or friends once a week to gather and do the Create Joy workshop together, it is free for all to sign up! 

2. Tools Prepared

I have all of my tools/materials for this weeks project in one tote- to access them quickly and easily. If it takes too much work I am risking that I won’t do it. So I keep them ready and easy to use. 

3. What would make your time and your space comforting to you?

  • I have my favorite drink cup – I either have coffee, hot tea, ice tea or ice water with lemon at my desk.

Getting Started


 1. About Limits & Obstacles

Wooden Desk

2. Prepare Your Space


3. Prep Materials

Congratulations your prep work is complete!
Watch your email for the start of week one.
Each week will begin on Sunday morning.

Questions or Comments?

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