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About Limits & Obstacles

1. Don’t let life get in the way- schedule your YOU time

Download the Create Joy Planner page to help plan what is important.

I find a million other things I “should” be doing the minute I think about doing something that brings me happiness and peace.

The laundry, bills, vacuuming, cleaning out the junk drawer, etc, for most of my life those things have won. I feel it in my body and soul. I need some joy- and it must be a part of the “should” list.

I challenge you to schedule and write out your self-care time on your calendar

2. Self-imposed limits and self- talk- Give yourself permission to be creative. We have to find a way to stop our negative self-talk, maybe you are really good at silencing it, but for me it takes focus, and sometimes some back up inspiration.

My self-talk tries to trick me with phrases that might sound familiar to you too:

"There are so many other productive things you could be doing"
"You are not good at this"
"Who do you think you are"

I have included this incredible TedX Video about giving yourself permission to be creative | Ethan Hawke – It was an eye opener for me and I hope you love it.


You have full permission to try new things, make time for you, love yourself, and find your peace.

3. Stress/ Anxiety List

I found a lot of power in a system of writing out things causing me stress and anxiety. I label them as in my control and out of my control. I then define possible to solutions to ease these problems - I will go more into depth on this topic in week 2 and I will share a free downloadable template for my process. It is important to call these things out- and be a bit strategic about attacking them. You are free to know peace.


4. Happy Water Challenge 

It is shocking what science tells us about dehydration. I challenge you to drink 4-8 tall glasses of water per day- I did a blog post on my water pitcher prep at night- Here is the post about what helps me drink more water if you need some inspiration:
Water for Your Mind, Body & Soul

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Give yourself permission to be creative. Ethan Hawke

Getting Started


 1. About Limits & Obstacles


2. Prepare Your Space


3. Prep Materials


Questions or Comments?

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